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Ripped? Torn? A Damaged Screen
Says a lot about Your Home

Screens that are ripped, bent or damaged in any way says a lot about your home. Worse, they can send a message to vandals or a prospective buyer that your property is not being maintained.

Boom Window & Screen Company specializes in repairs done at your home in our specially equipped trucks! We work on window screens, screen doors, and porch screens and often can complete the job in one trip. Our technicians will make sure your screens are smooth and tight with no distracting puckers in the mesh.

Screen Services we offer:

  • Rescreening - Screen doors, storm doors, windows, porches.
  • Frame repair/rebuild - We inventory a large variety of screen & storm frames. This allows us to manufacture just about any screen or storm frame we encounter in our service area.
  • Custom Made Porch Screen Frames
  • Custom Made Polargard Panels - A lighter weight solution for keeping snow/dirt/debris out of your porch over the winter.
  • Custom Made Sliding Screen Doors
  • Custom Made Window Screens

Cat got your screen? Did your dog make their own doggy door? Consider upgrading to Pet Screen

Pet screen is a thicker fiberglass mesh that we offer as an upgrade to traditional aluminum or fiberglass meshes. This material is highly resistant to scratching, chewing, climbing, and even full speed collisions.

Interested in getting a quote? Have this information ready when you call:

  • Rough count of how many screens need to be repaired
  • The material the frames are made of: Metal or Wood
  • The rough size of each screen you'd like to have rescreened, or the size of the openings for new screen frames